Wasn't SCREAMOWEEN originally scheduled for October 31, 2019? 

Yes, but the county battled severe wildfires for over a week during the last week in October, causing mass evacuations, blackouts, flight cancelations, and roadblocks. The homeowner of the Scream house indicated he had to leave the house and as of this typing (Nov 1, 2019), still has no electricity. We had no choice but to reschedule the event, and the homeowner is making March 14th available for us to host SCREAMOWEEN.

Since the event was rescheduled, are my tickets still valid/usable?

YES, absolutely. The event was not canceled, it was rescheduled out of the necessity of safety, and therefore your tickets have retained 100% of their value and can be used on the rescheduled date.

I just bought tickets to SCREAMOWEEN! Now what? 

Paper tickets will be mailed to your address. If you don't receive them within a week of your order, email us!

What is the address to the house? 

Please note that the house is owned by a private citizen and sits on grounds that are gated. ABSOLUTELY NO TRESPASSING! Do not drive onto the grounds unless you have a ticket for the event. The address is:


(Note: Tomales is the tiny town adjacent to Santa Rosa, which was where most of the movie was filmed.)

What are check-in / check-out times? 

If you are staying overnight on the grounds (meaning you have a room reservation in the Large Yellow House, Small Yellow House or Scream House), you can check in at 4:00pm (party starts at 6pm) and you can park your car next to the house you're staying in. If you are staying at a nearby hotel or are just driving up and not staying at a hotel, you can arrive as early as 6:00pm.  Check-out time tor those not staying overnight on the grounds is 4:00am (which is the time the party ends), and check-out time for those that are staying overnight on the grounds is 10:00am. 

What happens if it rains? 

This is a RAIN OR SHINE party. The party will be taking place inside the house. You may venture outside as often as you like of course, but keep in mind there is a sound ordinance that starts at 10:00pm that our security guards will be sure to enforce.

What is the minimum age for this event? 

No one under 21 will be permitted. 

Is the house wheelchair accessible?

Partly. The exterior main grounds are wheelchair accessible. The house, unfortunately, isn't wheelchair accessible past the first floor. However, the main party will be happening downstairs.

What is the restroom situation like?

Anyone attending will have full use of the bathrooms in the house. Porta pottys will also be present outside. 

I am driving a car to the event... where do I park?

The grounds can handle up to 200 cars, so if you are driving then just look for the parking signs, and then proceed to the parking area. 


Will I be mailed a physical ticket?



Can I get a refund?

We have a strict no refunds policy. All sales (including tickets and any add-on items) are final. 

Will there be security on the grounds?

Yes, we will have security guards on the grounds at all times.

Do I have to wear a costume?

You can be as simple or elaborate as you want, but yes, wear a costume, please. It's Halloween night! Have fun!!

How much access do I actually have to the house?

You will have access to the entire house and garage!


Are there any stipulations or rules while touring the main house?

The following rules are mandated by the homeowner.  Anyone entering the house must either remove their shoes, or wear a pair of over-the-shoe booties (provided free). There is a strict NO RED WINE policy inside the house. Red wine may be available for purchase from the bar, but will not be permitted inside the house. All red wine must be consumed outside. Please be respectful and mindful of your surroundings at all times. You must keep in mind that this is someone's house. The homeowner actually lives there! We must be respectful of their wishes and policies. There is a strict NO SMOKING policy inside the house.  Please note that we reserve the right to refuse entry into the house by anyone being disorderly or disruptive, and that we also reserve the right to ask anyone to leave at any time if we feel they are causing any problems at the party.


Is there a food policy?

Per our contract with the homeowners, there is a NO OUTSIDE FOOD policy on the grounds during the event. Food and drink (including alcohol) will be available for purchase, and is being fully catered by The Washoe House. Overnight guests who have booked a room in any of the houses on the grounds are permitted to bring their own food and drink. Vegetarian (not vegan) options will be available.


Is there an alcohol policy?

Per the homeowners, there is a strict NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL policy at the event. There will be a cash bar at the event. 21+ MUST HAVE PHOTO ID TO DRINK. Overnight guests who have booked a room in any of the houses on the grounds are permitted to bring their own food and drink.


What payments will be accepted at the event for food/drinks?

Food and drink vendors will be equipped with the ability to accept CASH and CREDIT/DEBIT cards for purchases. 


Are there any rules for the costumes?

Nothing wet, sticky, messy that can get on anything in the house. Examples: No runny or wet fake blood or gels, etc. No body makeup that easily comes off that could stain the furniture in the house. Also, no real weapons of any kind. No metal weapons, real or fake are permitted.  Plastic/foam costume weapons will be permitted (plastic freddy gloves, foam knives, etc), but may be checked by security upon entering. 

What prizes will be offered for the costume contest? 

Details about the costume contest are still being ironed out, and everyone attending or on the mailing list will be updated soon!

Is there a sound ordinance?

Yes. Even though it will be Halloween night, any noise outside the house after 10:00pm needs to be kept to a minimum so as not to disturb the residents in the surrounding area. 

 I thought Scream Comes Home was a once-in-a-lifetime event?

It was! Scream Comes Home was a unique opportunity to hold a large event for hundreds of Scream fans at the famous house! Screamoween is not Scream Comes Home 2. As we stated during Scream Comes Home, the owners have in fact moved back into the house and, with the exception of hosting a few weddings, they live there most of the year. We were lucky enough to be able to secure the home again for this party!

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